Summits/Military Exercises/Conferences Current Affairs October 2017

1. Global Wildlife Programme (GWP) Conference was recently (Oct-2017) held at? – New Delhi
2. Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 will be held during November 2017 in which city? – Hyderabad
3. 8th conference of the Association of SAARC Speakers and Parliamentarians (ASSP) was held at? – Colombo, Sri Lanka

4. World Government Summit announced ____ as the guest country for its upcoming gathering scheduled from February 11 to 13, 2018? – India
5. The first ever ASEAN-India music festival began recently at? – New Delhi, India


6. International exhibition ‘World Dental Show 2017’ recently (Oct-2017) held in which city? – Mumbai
7. First Meeting of India-Australia Joint Steering Committee was recently (Oct-2017) held at? – New Delhi
8. ‘India International Science Festival,’ organised by the Union Ministry of Science and Technology was held from 13 October 2017 at? – Chennai
9. What is the theme of third International Conference on Yoga which was held at New Delhi from 10-11 October 2017? – Yoga for Wellness

10. The first BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise-2017 (DMEx-2017) was recently (Oct-2017) held in which city? – New Delhi
11. Name the 5th India-Sri Lanka joint training exercise which began on 13 October 2017 at Aundh Military Station in Pune, Maharshtra? – Mitra Shakti 2017


12. India International Science Festival (IISF) was recently (Oct-2017) held at? – Chennai
13. Name the first ever Tri Services Joint Exercise between Indian and Russian Armed Forces which was conducted in the Eastern Military District of Russia from 19 to 29 Oct 2017? – INDRA-2017
14. Which state will host Global Investors Summit in February, 2018? –  Assam
15. Indra-2017 is the joint military exercise between India and which country? –  Russia
16. The fourth edition of ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM)-Plus will be held at? – Philippines
17. 30th edition of CORPAT (Coordinated Patrol) which was held during October 2017 is between Indian Navy and? –  Indonesian Navy
18. The 2nd World Congress on Marxism will be held during May 2018 in? – Beijing, China
19. Global conference on consumer protection was recently held in which city? – New Delhi


20. 14th South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation in Law (SAARCLAW) Conference was recently (Oct-2017) held at? – Colombo, Srilanka

21. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on 28 October 2017 announced that ___ will host the next CMS Conference of the Parties 13 (CMS COP13) in the year 2020? – India

22. Which country will host the next United Nations (UN) global wildlife conference in 2020? – India